Our selection of Colorado mixed-breed lambs combines the genetic traits of Rambouillet and Merino sheep.

At Platte Valley Food Group, we take pride in offering high-quality lamb selections sourced from a single feedlot within our trusted network of Colorado family ranches.

Lambs are nature's stewards of the land, initialy grazing before they spend time in the feedlot, where they are nourished with a natural feed blend of haylage, corn, and alfalfa.

At Platte Valley, our lambs are typically fed an average of 55 to 65 days, resulting in succelent meat with an impressive meat-to-bone ratio.

All Platte Valley lambs are raised without the use of hormones or growth promotants.

Located in Texas, our state-of-the-art abattoir facility is committed to humane slaughter practices, adhering to HACCP and USDA Export approval standards, and prioritizing food safety with USDA certification #47427.

At Platte Valley, all our lambs are USDA-graded as Choice or higher quality. Our lamb prodcuts, including offal, are available for both food service and retail purposes.

Our lamb products meet export compliance standards wherever U.S. lab is approved.

Lamb Lamb